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What is MIND•BODY balance?

You are more than the sum of your parts.
Fitness is about more than how you exercise– it’s how you move, how you eat, sleep, handle stress.


Fitness is a general state of well-being. It is made up of five components: strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, mental clarity and emotional stability. Being fit allows you to be at our full potential when performing physical activities.

it’s FOCUS

Exercise and movement with awareness is how we learn about ourselves. Learning about our physical imbalances, strengths and weaknesses allows us to improve. Focus with movement keeps us present. Our power is now, not how we were yesterday or hope to be tomorrow.


Exercise is an important component of being healthy. Ease of daily movement is a part of a holistic approach to wellness which includes the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical elements of each of us.


To achieve Optimum Health, you need Mind Body Balance

Personal Training

One-on-One & Small Group training
In your home or at the gym
ACE certified

Group Fitness

The Blend™  – the best of Yoga and Pilates mat, a process developed and refined by Pattie Cinelli

Health Coaching

Health & Fitness Consult
Optimum Living™ Health Coaching
PAC Weight Loss program
Corporate Wellness programs

Health & Fitness Writing

Health and fitness columnist for DC neighborhood newspaper The Hill Rag since 1998.

Provides engaging professional copy on health and fitness for print, online, media and marketing.

Take Action for Optimum Living!

Explore your options by getting in touch for a training consult, a class, a conversation. Each step you take toward a more holistic approach to your health and fitness improves your quality of life.


Start Training Now

You know you can go further, achieve more. More strength, more endurance, better health. Working with a good trainer can take you where you want to go. Click for free consultation.

Are your Mind & Body in BALANCE?

You’re driven, successful. But how’s your stress? Do you feel calm and confident? How’s your flexibility (physical and/or mental)? Try Yoga, Pilates or a Blend class, and see what bringing mindfulness to exercise can accomplish. Click to find a class near you.

Do You Want Optimum Health?

Do you have your health in clear focus? Explore what you can achieve when you balance nutrition, mindset and movement the support of an expert whole-health coach.

MIND•BODY balance

the blog

Here you’ll find meditations on living in and with your body, in balance, as you chose the path to your optimum health.

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