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Jennifer Kiel

I’ve been going to personal trainers for over 10 years and Pattie is the most knowledgeable, the most creative, the most accommodating and well, just the most!

Pattie is interested in training you for the long term – making sure you reach your goals for life, not just the next 2 days.  Pattie doesn’t try to “kill” you in one training session just to show she how “fit” she is, she works with you to make sure you are working at your full potential for you at that moment.

When I broke my ankle a couple of years ago Pattie helped me get back on my “foot” quickly by first working around the injury, then working with me to get the function back to the point where I’m back to running.  I work a very erratic schedule and Pattie is willing to meet me when and where I have time…one of our favorite places is at the cemetery, where we can walk our dogs and work out at the same time…she even incorporates the dogs into the workout.

  • Customer Satisfaction 98%
  • Exceeded Expectations 80%
  • Non-traditional Athlete 100%

Pat Morgan

I’ve been working with Pattie for more than 10 years, and I’m in better shape now than I was 40 years ago.

My balance has improved dramatically – although once a klutz always a klutz! I am more flexible than I was as a teen. My posture has improved, and I breathe better.

Her methods are effective, varied and interesting. I am able to keep a full schedule of travel and volunteer work despite aging, and it’s all a tribute to Pattie.

  • Customer satisfaction 95%
  • Exceeded expectations 90%
  • Boomer athlete 100%

My clients work hard,
work smart, and
have fun.

Baldwin Tom

CEO of The Baldwin Group
At the age of 74, I decided to compete for a place on the U.S. National Dragon Boat Men’s Senior C (age 60+) team.  This would be like earning a place on the Olympic team if this sport were in the Olympics.  I stay active but knew this was no trivial pursuit.  Thus, I sought to be disciplined to get more fit and stronger.    Went to Results Gym because our church got its start at that former school building and our pastor trains there.  I showed up and signed up.  The recruiter said Pattie Cinelli was the best for me.

I did not know why Pattie until I found that the ‘simple’ exercises she gave me began yielding results.  I have become stronger and more flexible.  Just beat out two 30-year old dragon boaters with a 5 minute plank.  They quit after two minutes!  Importantly, no two sessions are a repeat of the last.  Pattie mixes sessions up to keep it interesting.  She is also very good in knowing what needs to be done to get what muscle sets engaged, etc.

PS:  While I will be 76, I am ramping up to try for the U.S. Team again this year.  I am actually stronger and more capable than last time.  OK Pattie, we have work to do!!

PSS:   If they only had a Senior D (70+) division, I would be a slam dunk candidate!!

  • Customer satisfaction 95%
  • Exceeded expectations 95%
  • Senior Athlete 100%

Why are these people so satisfied? Read on!

Timely Support

Pattie schedules sessions to work for you. And, she’ll keep you moving when life might have distracted you, helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Innovative Ideas

Always pursuing additional training, Pattie is continuously developing her skills. By working with various Master Teachers, as well as writing about health and fitness, Pattie works from a perspective much broader than the exercise field alone.

Advanced Training

Pattie’s continuing education means that the newest developments in yoga, pilates and holistic movement are a resource you can count on

Clear Communication

Direct communication is the hallmark of Pattie’s style. She will tell you the way things are. But that doesn’t mean she will be discouragingly critical. You can count on clear, useful information and encouragement.

I’ve worked with Pattie to strengthen my core and improve overall fitness. She helped me to fit working out into my busy and often hectic private medical practice by bringing fitness to my office. Her workouts were tough but fun. Pattie is the only person who created a challenging work out program for me. Love that TRX!!

I’ve known Pattie as a health and fitness professional and a good friend for many years. I’ve also collaborated with her on several medical articles about different aspects of my  practice. Pattie’s writing is conversational, concise and interesting. She is able to synthesize complex medical issues into reader-friendly stories. Pat Morgan

I have been training with Pattie for six years. We started at Results, and now she comes to my house for custom workouts.

Pattie is incredibly talented at combining yoga, core, interval and resistance training and other techniques to help me stay strong, flexible, and energized. She figures out where you are and what you need, and designs the training program accordingly to get you to the next steps before you know it.

I can’t recommend her highly enough for anyone who wants to start a workout routine, step up your current workout game, get tailored workouts to help recover from an injury, or simply feel better and stronger.

Kristine Blackwood

“I’ve been training with Pattie for two years in my home. I feel stronger, I have a better sense of balance and more flexibility.

“Pattie meets me where I’m at and provides versatility in the exercises we do. There’s never a dull moment.”

Debra D.

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