Pattie blends humor, objectivity, and realism into each session with her clients, helping them define and refine their goals. Discerning the facts from the myths of aging, she helps clients enjoy their lives at whatever age and be comfortable about the way they look and feel.

In addition to being a much-requested lecturer, speaking on everything from the importance of strength training to the importance of breathing for a better body, Pattie served as an Adjunct Professor in Exercise Science Programs at the George Washington University.

For more than 25 years, Pattie has written a health and fitness column for The Hill Rag, a monthly publication in Washington, DC and has been quoted extensively as a fitness expert in national publications.

Author Louise Hay is one of my mentors.
When she was given a death sentence she chose to act on what her inner guidance told her.

Louise recovered against difficult odds and continues to thrive.

A popular fitness instructor of low impact, body conditioning, core conditioning, stretch, cycling, stability ball, breathing and meditation classes, Pattie is a certified ACE personal fitness trainer and group exercise instructor and a master Spin instructor. Combining the best of Pilates and Yoga principles to help students develop more flexible, stronger and leaner bodies, Pattie created the Fitness Blend, a workout that focuses on the mind and body in harmony. Pattie also holds a Samayama yoga certification, has more than 1000 hours training in Pilates mat and apparatus.

With more than 25 years educating and coaching her clients on a healthy, non-competitive approach toward body image, Pattie helps her clients feel great about their bodies and themselves.

Integrating her background in fitness and communication with her knowledge of holistic health, Pattie shows clients that fitness and good health are the direct result of how they think, feel and move. Using a hands-on approach, she instructs them in sound technique, offering practical advice, expert assistance and friendly encouragement to help them push their perceived limits and embrace healthy lifestyles.


“Good health is having no fatigue, having a good appetite, going to sleep and awakening easily, having a good memory, having good humor having precision in thought and action and being honest, humble and grateful and loving.


“Your body, like everything else in your life, is a mirror of your inner thoughts and beliefs. Every cell responds to every single thought you think and every word you speak.”

Louise Hay

Founder, Hay House Publishing


American Council of Exercise (ACE) certification

  • Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Group Exercise Instructor
  • Currently studying for Health Coach certification

Yoga & Pilates Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training

Pilates Certification:

Other Certifications

  • Pre-post Natal Certification
  • Master Spin Instructor – Johnny G program
  • Small Ball & Foam Rolling Specialization
  • Fascia (soft tissue) Strength & Stretch Specialization
  • CPR & AED Certified

Other Credentials

Sign Language proficiency

Bachelor of Science in Journalism

Clients have included: Associated Press, KITV Honolulu, KQMQ –FM Honolulu, American Bankers Association and American Psychological Association