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headshotWe are masters of our own physical fate.

How we feel and what we think moulds our future.

Sixteen years ago I chose a new career –combining experience as a journalist and my love of fitness into a full time career.  Along the way I learned that there are no wrong decisions. You are where you are. All you have to do is lean in, move in the direction of what feels good. Your inner guide will lead you in the right direction.

However, in our culture we aren’t taught to think this way. You may have to ‘unlearn’ a few things before you can tune into your what your inner body is telling you. Hearing these subtle voices may take a little while to master. You will benefit from good guidance as you learn.

As a personal trainer I will support your journey on your individual path to health, fitness and overall wellness. I help you discover how well your body already works, and teach you the essential tools you need for optimum functioning.

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Ways to Work with Me

As a Personal Trainer

at your gym, in your home or office

Take a Class or Workshop

at your local gym

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As a Whole Health Coach

I can work with you to create your Optimum Life

Personal Training


One-on-One Training
Small Group training
In your Home
At the gym

Special Focus:

  • Boomers Stay Fit
  • Pre- and Post Natal Fitness

ACE certified


Group Fitness


The Blend™  – the best of Yoga and Pilates mat, a process developed and refined by Pattie Cinelli




Optimum Living Coaching


  • Health & Fitness Consult
  • Whole Health Coaching
  • PAC Weight Loss
  • Corporate Wellness programs


Health & Fitness Writing


The health and fitness column for The Hill Rag, a popular neighborhood newspaper in Washington, DC, has been Pattie’s beat since 1998.

When you need engaging professional content on health and fitness, Pattie can deliver for print, online, media and marketing.


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