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“As a writer, my mission is to challenge limited definitions of health and fitness.”

For more than 25 years, Pattie has written a health and fitness column for The Hill Rag, the newspaper for the Capitol Hill neighborhood published by Fagan Publications in Washington, DC area. Past columns are available online, with links to several recent articles are at right.

I’ve collaborated with Pattie on several medical articles about different aspects of my  practice. Pattie’s writing is conversational, concise and interesting. She is able to synthesize complex medical issues into reader-friendly stories.

I worked with Pattie to strengthen my core and improve overall fitness. She helped me to fit a workout into my hectic private medical practice by bringing fitness to my office. Her workouts were tough but fun. Love that TRX!!

Dr. Dyson

“I’m best known for my profiles of individuals who shake up mainstream beliefs and lead the way to better living.”

Pattie is committed to a whole-health approach to health and fitness, and provides insightful analysis of the range of available healthcare, nutrition, movement-related, and healing resources available in DC and elsewhere.

Her experience with so many clients have proven that we are each unique and yet share universal traits. her curiosity and insight into the world of alternative and mainstream health and fitness is a wonderful resource.

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